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Quick quizz : Which TV-series hero are you ?

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Do you have a selling spirit ?                    
Does getting older scare you ?                    
Are you always up for a fight ?                    
Are you a DIY enthusiast ?                    
Do you like animals ?                    
Do you like to drive ?                    
Do you like weapons ?                    
Do you believe you're going to be a millionnaire some day ?                    
Are you always competing with your friends ?                    
Do you enjoy living as a part of a group ?                    
Do you often wear brightly-coloured underwear ?                    
Would you be able to leave to a desert island without luggage ?                    
Do you like being recognised for what you do ?                    
Do you like the sea ?                    
Do you like variegated shirts ?                    
Are you a cleaning freak ?                    
Do you sometimes think about moving to the end of the world?                    
Do you prefer utilities over luxurious cars ?                    
Are you a seducer ?                    
Do you prefer travelling on camel back or in a crowded bus ?                    
Do you talk to yourself ?                    

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